Monday, September 12, 2011

Dia dia dia - Mal (Afghan)

Akhirnya akhirnya aku temukan
Wajah yang mengalihkan duniaku
Membuat diriku sungguh-sungguh
Tak berhenti mengejar pesonanya
‘kan ku berikan yang terbaik
‘tuk membuktikan cinta kepadanya
Dia dia dia cinta yang ku tunggu tunggu tunggu
Dia dia dia lengkapi hidupku
Dia dia dia cinta yang ‘kan mampu mampu mampu
Menemaniku mewarnai hidupku
Dia dia dia…
Baiknya putihnya bidadariku
Cantiknya hiasi hari-hariku
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Dia dia dia…

Miss Universe 2011

Miss Universe fever is over and you might know the results already. but for those who still don’t know about it here's the finalist of Miss Universe 2011.

TOP 16

1: Venezuela - Vanessa Goncalves

2: Australia - Scherri Lee Biggs

3: Costa Rica - Johanna Solano

4: Usa - Alyssa Campanella

5: Puerto Rico - Viviana Ortiz

6: China - Zilin Luo

7: Philippines - Shamcey Supsup

8: France - Laurey Thilleman

9: Netherlands - Kelly Weekers

10: Colombia - Catalina Robayo

11: Portugal - Laura Goncalves

12: Brazil - Priscila Machando

13: Angola - Leila Lopes

14: Panama - Sheldry Saez

15: Kosovo - Afërdita Dreshaj

16: Ukraine - Olesya Stefanko

Top 10

1: Australia - Scherri Lee Biggs

2: Costa Rica - Johanna Solano

3: China - Zilin Luo

4: Philippines - Shamcey Supsup

5: France - Laurey Thilleman

6: Portugal - Laura Goncalves

7: Brazil - Priscila Machando

8: Angola - Leila Lopes

9: Ukraine - Olesya Stefanko

10: Panama - Sheldry Saez

Top 5

1: China - Zilin Luo

2: Philippines - Shamcey Supsup

3: Brazil - Priscila Machando

4: Angola - Leila Lopes

5: Ukraine - Olesya Stefanko

4th runner-up: China - Zilin Luo

3rd runner-up: Philippines - Shamcey Supsup

2nd runner-up: Brazil - Priscila Machando

1st runner-up: Ukraine - Olesya Stefanko

Miss Universe 2011: Angola - Leila Lopes

So this is the OFFICIAL results of Miss Universe 2011.

What I want to blog here is not about who wins and who the top 15 is or about the results. The interesting point here is to point out my own point of view about Miss Universe 2011.

Few weeks ago when I get to know that Miss Universe 2011 is going on, i start to follow Videos and Facebook fan page and etc... i saw / read some of the fans posting in certain "Miss" Fan page and they are arguing about their opinion who will be in TOP 16, TOP 10, TOP 5 and who will grab the crown back to their country. I don't mind if they just state their opinion about who will be on TOP of the list but these people are arguing and criticize one another opinions and the worse is they start to call NAMES like "MONKEY" and etc to the other.

what i don't get here is that why do they need to argue till we call other NAMES and saying other people areuncivilized. Whereby in my opinion, those people that call other uncivilized are actually uncivilized them-self...

this is only a competition, and you have your own favorites and i believe it is enough just to post things like "i love Miss Indonesia", or "i love MISS Korea so much, hope that she will win" and etc that sound proper and in manner.

well that was before the results is out. i thought the war between fans will end after the results and yet i saw post like this "Lesson 4 all (a country name) nxt tym pick d best representative in ur country something

new Something fresh... ok again Something NEW something FRESH i repeat Something NEW something FRESH" and "I REPEAT LIKE iT OR NOT MISS (country name) IS (position) RUNNER UP ahahahah d most beautiful women in **** i REPEAT IN **** " and also this post "like it or not (country name) is a third world country, low value of (currency name), too many uneducated children, dirty, poor and lots of bribe"... and some other post.

hahahhahaha. again, i think you are just making yourself sound childish whereby according you profile you are born in 198* and you studied in University and you work in a ******, oppz no wonder la.. hahahha. sorry, no offend but you guys are just too childish with those kind of post.

be an adult and act like one. don't post things that are rubbish. now i understand why there is no more LOVE around us/the world. cause this world is full with people that is full of jealousy and hatred . Sorry to say that but that's the fact...

that's all i wanna say. thanks for reading and Congratulations to the Winner.