Sunday, June 20, 2010

June, an emotional month....

Every year when it comes to June, there will be some happy and sad date for me to go through...
1st it will be my birthday... well June 15, a date full of history where a history maker is born. then, it will be fathers day, where it will reminds me about my late father. miss Him so much. A week after that, it will be my Father death anniversary which is 23rd June.

15th, 3rd Sunday and the 4th week of June. Everything happened in June...

I still remember 13th years ago few weeks before my birthday, My Daddy call home from Papua New Guinea and talk to all of us. He said that he will be back in few month after almost a year working there and ask me what i want for my birthday. i ask for LEGO and he promise tha he will buy it in Singapore when he is on his way back to Malaysia. i was so happy cause i will have a new LEGO set and also cause my dearest daddy is coming back for good after working far away from us for almost a year...
and 15th June 1997 falls on a Sunday and it was Father's Day...

on the 3rd week of June 1997, I still remember (if i'm not mistaken) My brother Matt, Sister Krys and myself is at the living room with our color papers, glue and scissor doing our Father's Day card. After finishing our cards and mummy posted it after a few days i guess....

a week after that on 23rd June Monday and i remember i just come back from school. Mummy and Krys is at home and we were resting at the living room. if i'm not mistaken Mummy was sewing that afternoon and she is kinda tired and resting on the sofa and i was playing with Krys (i think so la).... Our house phone rang and i answer the phone, the person wanted to talk to mummy and i just passes it to Mum and i knew it was a call from daddy's office but i just don't know what is the reasons they call home.

Sitting down at the sofa looking at mummy talking on the phone and listening to their conversation, i can tell that something bad has happened and i see mum's tears flowing. when she hang the phone, mummy tell us that daddy is gone forever....

the last time i saw daddy is when we send him at the airport in 1996 and after that, never see him again but i believe that 1 day, i will see him again....

growing up without a father figure is hard and the society here is still harsh to a single parents family and it teaches me a-lot growing up in this family... i'm grateful for all that has happened and it just make a stronger person...

for all of you out there that still have your father around you, do appreciate them, not only father, your parents out there. show them you love them, throw away your ego and shower them with your love.

No matter what condition your parents is in, maybe they are divorce happily, maybe they are still together or whatever it is, love them and appreciate them. cause you sure will miss them when they are not around....

ending this post with wishing all of you "Happy Father's Day" to all Fathers out there, all future Fathers...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

1 Cent Coin

Good to know & share this simple prevention.

We cannot stop mosquitoes lay eggs at any stagnant
water in drains/ponds or water collected in waste pails, tanks,
tins, used tyres etc. Etc. Of course if you have fish
inside the tanks/containers then there should be no problem.

Do you know that there is a very simple and very
economical way to destroy the mosquitoes' eggs and not let them
hatch into larvae. Very very simple, just put in few 1 cent
copper coins into the tanks/containers then it will solve all
your problems. Because in accordance to Japanese
Research Scientists, they found the mosquitoes eggs will be
destroyed by a kind of mineral discharge from the copper.

DON'T BELIEVE, Try it by yourself and even the
small snails also will not visit the containers (with copper
coins) collected with stagnant water. Your will observe the
water collected in the containers will be very clean and clear.

Spell it OUT..!!

I don't speak alien,
cause i'm not one.

I speak understandable language,
not UN-understandable.

I speak LOUD and CLEAR,
not me speaking slow and blur.

I say ONE means ONE,
I say LEAVE not STAY.

Easy but you make it tough.
It is not impossible,
just difficult.

Try to SHUT UP and LISTEN,
and not SHUTTING me UP
and PRETEND you know what i say.

You rather me to SPELL IT OUT?
than you SPELL it yourself?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

All You NEED to "KNOW" about ME

1st of all, i'm not a person who do things emotionally and i mean it when i say it. so don't get on my nerves as i really can do thing that you wish i don't do.

2nd, i'm a person who like to talk when i want to talk, so DON'T stop me from talking when i am talking cause i DISLIKE it...!!

3rd: You must know that i am a SURVIVOR and I've gone through so much and more than you expect so i'm a strong person who have a lot of experience though i am still consider as YOUNG. So don't judge me as a young man who don't know anything about LIFE...!!

4th: I'm an open minded person and you can talk anything with me and share anything with me as long as i can understand what you are talking about. I'm a GOOD LISTENER and don't hesitate to talk and share anything with me cause someone told me that some people are scare to talk to me....

5th: Respect me and you will gain my respect....

6th: I'm a competitor

7th: I LOVE TO DEBATE.... but i talk through experience and my opinion and i don't bullshit (only in exam i do so). i argue a-lot cause i will get knowledge in arguing that that is part of how i learn things.... ^^

8th: I remember details and if you try to TIPU me, i know.... especially thing that you've told me before.... ^^

9th: I "DISLIKE" backstabber...!!

10th: There is a reason for everything i do, so don't question me for what i'm doing cause i know what i am doing...

11th: ASK me if you need an ANSWER...!!

hurmmmm.... i cannot think much now cause i'm kinda tired. I shall update this post again if there is more YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT ME...!!!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Please be careful with my heart...

If you love me like you tell me

Please be careful with my heart

You can take it just don’t break it

Or my world will fall apart

You are my first romance

And I’m willing to take a chance

That ’till life is through

I’ll still be loving you

I will be true to you

Just a promise from you will do

From the very start

Please be careful with my heart

I love you and you know I do

There’ll be no one else for me

Promise I’ll be always true

For the world and all to see

Love has heard some lies softly spoken

And I have had my heart badly broken

I’ve been burned and I’ve been hurt before

So I know just how you feel

Trust my love is real for you

I’ll be gentle with your heart

I’ll caress it like the morning dew

I’ll be right beside you forever

I won’t let our world fall apart

From the very start

I’ll be careful with your heart

You are my first (and you are my last) romance

And I’m willing to take a chance

(I’ve learned from the past)

That ’till life is through

I’ll still be loving you

I will be true (I will be true) to you

Just a promise from you will do (only to you)

From the very start (from the very start)

From the very start (from the very start)

From the very start

Please be careful with (I’ll be careful with) my heart (your heart)